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Saranta Detox Cleanse

Revive Your Vitality.

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Are you ready to get your vitality back?

There are many, many different versions of a detox or a cleanse. You may have heard these terms in connection with the Master Cleanse, where for a period of time, you just have a liquid drink that doesn’t taste great. You may have heard of cleanses that are entirely made up of pills and powder or require fasting for 10 days. Or you may never have heard this term at all!  

Whatever the case, we’d like to tell you about what OUR Saranta Detox Cleanse is all about. The purpose of our detox cleanse is to remove dietary toxins from your diet for a period of time so that the burden of detoxification, managed mostly by your liver, is eased. Toxins include pollutants, chemicals in our daily lives like laundry soap, cosmetics, shampoo, air pollution, but also things we ingest like plastic residue on foods, pesticides, and even foods like caffeine, alcohol and sugar. By focusing on reducing our toxic intake as much as we can, it allows the liver to relax a little and focus on other important functions. Your body can divert less attention to detoxification, and more to healing, rejuvenation and energy! The liver is such an important organ in the body (and you will learn a lot more about this in session 3), and is responsible for so many things including digestion, building molecules, in addition to clearing toxins. Other organs, including your skin, also benefit from this process in that they get more attention. 

This cleanse enhances the liver detoxification process by emphasizing the intake of nourishing, delicious and satisfying meals and snacks.

We do this through:

  • Three delicious meals plus snacks per day, based on our recipes that you prepare.  These are from real, quality, whole foods that taste good.
  • A protein-rich diet which supports the detox processes including beans, chicken, turkey, and fish. We do remove red meats (beef and pork).
  • A proprietary supplement that you mix into your daily smoothie that includes all of the supportive nutrients required for optimal liver detox in addition to optimal daily vitamins, minerals and fatty acids.
  • Expert guidance with education, tips and ideas to make your experience delicious, fun and easy, and important information to maintain results even long after you complete the program.

We often get the question of weight gain or weight loss.  Those who do not want to lose weight will not because you will be eating plenty of healthy food. And while weight loss is not the intention of this cleanse, for those who regularly include a lot of our “non-cleanse” foods such as sugars, processed carbohydrates, alcohol, and fried foods, you may lose some weight. 

A typical day’s meals would include a meal plan similar to a protein-filled smoothie for breakfast, Moroccan chicken with vegetables for lunch, and a hearty turkey Thai curry soup for dinner. Snacks include things like date and nut treats, hummus with fruits, falafels, and yummy pesto and veggies. There is no limit on the quantity of food, yet we’ve found that during the detox cleanse, the body starts to tell you when you’ve had enough.

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Saranta Data Geek Add-On

We are excited to offer some discounted testing and deep dive one-on-one sessions as an add-on to the cleanse. For those who love data, this add-on provides toxicity testing both before & after your cleanse experience, as well as sessions with our experts to interpret your results. Sometimes it is really nice to see the data to track how your body reacts to the things you do. Of course, you will feel the benefits of the cleanse, but to also see a change in biomarkers can be even more convincing that you are doing well by your body.

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Phases of the Saranta Detox Cleanse

Phase One: Preparation

This first week is to prepare your body and mind, organize your supplements, clean & stock your pantry with Saranta-approved ingredients, and reduce everyday toxins from your environment.

Phase Two: 3-Week Active Cleanse

Eat 3 full meals & snacks every day, from our recipe list. Saranta is about fueling yourself with balanced, nutrient-dense, anti-inflammatory foods. It is not about restriction. 

Phase Three: Education

Systematically reintroduce previously eliminated foods, to determine if any are trigger foods for you. We will support you in identifying reactions by following a structured reintroduction plan.

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I was delighted and a bit surprised at how much I learned during Saranta. The program offers a unique combination of education, support, guided experimentation & fun. I had many lasting takeaways, including several recipes I keep going back to. 


Saranta Supplements

The supplements included in the Saranta Detox Cleanse are an essential part of this program, as they are needed to ensure proper detoxification and elimination of toxic build-up. We put special care into creating this bundle, keeping in mind quality, potency, efficacy, and bioavailability. To ensure that you are getting the proper care, we only use professional-grade supplements versus over-the-counter. Professional grade guarantees that you are taking safe, effective nutrients and herbs, in their most absorbable and bioavailable forms at the therapeutic dose. Our experience has shown that the supplements we include are effective at increasing the pace at which we can eliminate toxins. Consider adding on the Data Geek Add-on to test your own results.

Our supplement bundle is included in the price of the program and provides 30 days of each supplement to be taken starting in the 3-week Active Phase and beyond.

Some of the compounds used in our custom detox formulation are contraindicated with certain medications. Please consult our drug nutrient interactions page for more information.  

Ask your doctor, naturopath, pharmacist, or nutritionist if these formulations are right for you.

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This program has changed lives. Because we have had such great feedback over the years, we want YOU to also experience the benefits of a better functioning, better feeling body. A six-week commitment can allow you to jump-start your health, begin on the path of a new nutrition goal, or help prevent illness. We would be honored to have you join so many others in the journey toward more energy, less inflammation and overall better health.

Up to this point, I'd not been successful in moderating or changing my eating habits. Saranta changed that! The carefully constructed program gently introduces you to the world of proper nutrition and supplements.  And although the goal wasn't weight loss, my body responded by shedding lbs and feeling great. 


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